County assessing storm damage

Harrison County emergency management officials are assessing damage from Wednesday night’s wind and rainstorm. The greatest concern this morning was about the dam at the Old Lake north of Bethany on U.S. 69. The highway was closed off after the dam began eroding during the rainstorm. The lake’s level was far above the overflow. Fire Chief Jacob Denum said the State Emergency Management Agency has been notified about the problem.

NTA made a rescue of a stranded motorist after his car became stuck in swift water over Route B near Coffey. NTA used its rescue boat to retrieve the motorist from the roof of his vehicle.

There were reports of a barn being blown down at Cainsville and other structural damage there. County emergency director John Barclay said it appeared that a winds had caused damage along a track from New Hampton to Cainsville. Several large trees were uprooted at New Hampton.